Soil Science and Technology

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Week 1: Basic Overview Of Soil; Ecosystem Services Of Soils; Weathering; Soil Formation; Soil ProfileWeek 2:Soil Taxonomy; Soil Orders-1; Soil Orders-2; Soil Colour And Soil Texture; Soil StructureWeek 3:Soil Tillage And Soil Density; Soil Porosity And Consistency; Soil Water Energy Concepts; Measurement Of Soil Water; TutorialWeek 4:The Flow Of Liquid Water Into Soil; Qualitative Description Of Soil Wetness; Soil Air; Soil Temprature; TutorialWeek 5:Silicate Clays-1; Silicate Clays -2; Sources Of Charges On Soil Colloids; Cation Exchange Capacity; Sorption Of Pesticides In SoilWeek 6:Diffuse Double Layer Theories; Adsorption Isotherms; Soil Acidity; Soil Alkalinity And Salinity; Submerged SoilsWeek 7:Essential Plant Nutrients; Soil Nitrogen; Biological Nitrogen Fixation; Soil Phosphorus And Potassium; FertilizersWeek 8:Soil Testing-1; Soil Testing-2; Soil Organic Matter And Climate Change; Soil Organisms; CompostWeek 9:Soil Erosion And Land Degradation; The Universal Soil-loss Equation; Conservation Tillage; Wind And Tillage Erosion; Toxic Organic Chemicals In SoilsWeek 10:Remediation Of Soil Organic Pollution; Soil Contamination With Toxic Inorganic Substances; Remediation Of Soil Inorganic Pollution; Soil Survey; Remote Sensing In Soil SurveyWeek 11:Gis And Gps; Geostatistics; Basics Of Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy; Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy For Soils; Pxrf Soil ApplicationsOverview Of Digital Soil Mapping; Modeling And Mapping Of Continuouos Variables; Modeling And Mapping Of Categorical
Week 12:Variables; Pedotrasnfer Functions; Accuracy And Uncertainity Of Dsm