Software Design Threats and Mitigations

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  • Common Vulnerabilities and Weaknesses
    • How to use the CVE and CWE on-line databases to assess threats and mitigations
  • Specific Design Considerations
    • Specific things you can do to create a better design.
  • Building Security in
    • Security must be built in to a project, not added on.
  • A Dramatic Failure
    • The consequences of a bad design can haunt you forever.
  • Bitcoin Foundations
    • A detailed look at the first two sentences of the abstract of Nakamoto's 2009 paper announcing Bitcoin.
  • The Bitcoin Project
    • Continuing with the abstract of Nakamoto's Bitcoin paper. More details on how it works and how security is integrated into it.
  • Simple software compromises
    • A look into the specifics of two common exploitation techniques--buffer overflow and SQL injections. Even though they're "old", these exploits are still used today!
  • Final Exam
    • A comprehensive course assessment comprising of 5 quizzes. Each assessment contains a randomized set of questions from different modules of the course.