Software Design as an Abstraction

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  • Who needs abstractions?
    • Contrasted to design as a step in the software development process, a look at design as an abstract representation of the project.
  • Focus on the Users
    • Design considerations to make when users are involved.
  • What if there are no users?
    • Design considerations to make when users are not involved
  • Advanced database design
    • When to create a database in third-normal form, and when not to.
  • The Good and Bad of Design Patterns
    • When and how design patterns are useful and when they are not.
  • Language choices
    • Choose languages and operating systems wisely because you will have to live with them.
  • Final Exam
    • A comprehensive course assessment comprising of 5 quizzes. Each assessment contains a randomized set of questions from different modules of the course.