Week 1: Introduction to Soft Skills, Aspects of Soft Skills, Effective Communication Skills, Classification of Communication, Personality DevelopmentWeek 2: Positive Thinking, Telephonic Communication Skills, Communicating without Words, ParalanguageWeek 3: Proxemics, Haptics: The Language of Touch, Meta-communication, Listening Skills, Types of ListeningWeek 4: Negotiation Skills, Culture as Communication, Organizational CommunicationWeek 5: Communication Breakdown, Advanced Writing Skills, Principles of Business WritingWeek 6: Business Letters, Business Letters: Format and Style, Types of Business LetterWeek 7: Writing Reports, Types of Report, Strategies for Report Writing, Evaluation and Organization of DataWeek 8: Structure of Report, Report Style, Group Communication SkillsWeek 9: Leadership Skills, Group Discussion, Meeting Management, Adaptability & Work EthicsWeek 10:Advanced Speaking Skills, Oral Presentation, Speeches & Debates, Combating Nervousness, Patterns & Methods of Presentation, Oral Presentation: Planning & PreparationWeek 11:Making Effective Presentations, Speeches for Various Occasions, Interviews, Planning & Preparing: Effective Résumé,
Week 12:Facing Job Interviews, Emotional Intelligence & Critical Thinking, Applied Grammar