Soft Skill Development

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While hard skills teach us what to do, soft skills tell us how to apply our hard skills in a social environment. The focus of the course is to develop a wide variety of soft skills starting from communication, to working in different environments, developing emotional sensitivity, learning creative and critical decision making, developing awareness of how to work with and negotiate with people and to resolve stress and conflict in ourselves and others.
The uniqueness of the course lies in how a wide range of relevant issues are raised, relevant skills discussed and tips for integration provided in order to make us effective in workplace and social environments. The key areas addressed are conversation skills, group skills, persuasion skills, presentation skills, critical and creative thinking, emotional skills, positive thinking and vocational skills.
INTENDED AUDIENCE :For anyone keen to improve her soft skills
Elective Course
Open course (UG and PG)
No restrictions, ideally after class XII

PREREQUISITES :Basic knowledge in communication and a good understanding of EnglishINDUSTRY SUPPORT :All industries where soft skills are important will recognize the relevance of this course