Social Services for Families, Seniors and Those with Disabilities

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  • Policies for Families and Children
    • In this module, the learner will differentiate the various needs of families raising children in the contemporary world and will compare various approaches to providing safety, stimulation and resources to the family. The module will examine childcare, employment and income supports
  • Policies for Poor Families and Children
    • In this module, the learner will analyze the effects of poverty on the life and development of children. The module will examine safety net programs to address child and family poverty including: TANF, SNAP, WIC and the EITC
  • Policies for Persons with Disabilities
    • In this module, the learner will evaluate US policy for people living with disabilities. The module will describe the civil protections for people with disabilities and will differentiate the major public programs that support people living with disabilities.
  • Policies for Older Adults
    • This module will evaluate the population changes occurring in the aging US population and its implications for future social and health policy. The module will analyze the social insurance system for older Americans and will critique various solutions to addressing the graying of the US