Social networks

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The world has become highly interconnected and hence more complex than ever before. We are surrounded by a multitude of networks in our daily life, for example, friendship networks, online social networks, world wide web, road networks etc. All these networks are today available online in the form of graphs which hold a whole lot of hidden information. They encompass surprising secrets which have been time and again revealed with the help of tools like graph theory, sociology, game theory etc. The study of these graphs and revelation of their properties with these tools have been termed as Social Network Analysis.
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Week 1:IntroductionWeek 2:Handling Real-world Network DatasetsWeek 3:Strength of Weak TiesWeek 4:Strong and Weak Relationships (Continued) & HomophilyWeek 5:Homophily Continued and +Ve / -Ve RelationshipsWeek 6:Link AnalysisWeek 7:Cascading Behaviour in NetworksWeek 8:Link Analysis (Continued)Week 9:Power Laws and Rich-Get-Richer PhenomenaWeek 10:Power law (contd..) and EpidemicsWeek 11:Small World PhenomenonWeek 12:Pseudocore (How to go viral on web)