Social Media and Social Content Strategy

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  • Social Media and Business Strategy
    • This module begins by discussing the key social media platforms used by businesses to engage audiences. It identifies the key features of individual platforms and differentiates between them. The advantages of social media, and of paid social media advertising, to a business are outlined. Finally, the benefits of incorporating social media into an overarching digital strategy are described, along with common social media tools used to support a business strategy.
  • Social Media Platforms for Business
    • This module introduces the key social media platforms for digital marketing and demonstrates how to set up a social media experience for a business. It explains the techniques and best practices for growing and engaging a social media audience, and demonstrates how to create effective paid advertising campaigns on the key social platforms. It also covers how to extract and report on data from the platforms’ native analytics tools to derive deeper audience and campaign insights.
  • Social Content Strategy and Promotion
    • This module introduces the concept of engaging with and acquiring customers using the creation and sharing of content. It explains how to choose the right content for your customers – and how to ensure it gets seen by them. It outlines the different content formats available on social media channels and helps you identify which platform best suits your content. It also identifies best practices for scheduling your content, and equips you with the knowledge to devise and execute your own content creation strategy.