Social Media and Digital Marketing Fundamentals

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  • Digital Marketing Landscape
    • This module begins by describing how advances in technology, and changing consumer behavior and expectations present new challenges and opportunities for businesses. It describes how Digital has disrupted the way businesses sell to customers and how marketers use the customer journey model to influence purchase decisions using digital platforms, content and tools. Finally, the module identifies the opportunities that Digital presents for you and your organization, and how to capitalize on them.
  • Digital Marketing Principles
    • This module introduces the core principles and purpose of digital marketing. It will enable you to develop clear and actionable business objectives for a digital marketing plan, to gain audience and industry insight by conducting digital research, and to prepare the foundations for a fully integrated 360 digital marketing campaign by connecting effectively with your customers and target audience.
  • Content Marketing for Social
    • This module introduces the concept of engaging with and acquiring customers using the creation and sharing of content. It explains how to choose the right content for your customers – and how to ensure it gets seen by them. It outlines the different content formats available on social media channels and helps you identify which platform best suits your content. It also identifies best practices for scheduling your content, and equips you with the knowledge to devise and execute your own content creation strategy.