Social Determinants of Health

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  • Course Overview, Definitions, and Levels of Influence
    • In this module, we introduce the concepts of health disparities and health equity, and we examine the historical factors that led to the health disparities we see today.
  • Disparities in Mortality and Morbidity by Psychosocial and Demographic Factors, Theoretical Considerations, and Environmental and Cultural Contexts
    • In this module we describe three conceptual frameworks and we examine how they can be usefully applied to understand disparities in mortality and morbidity and to achieve health equity.
  • Social Determinants of Health: The Healthcare System, Immigration Status, Sexual Identity, and Unconscious Bias
    • In this module we apply the social determinants of health framework to the healthcare system, immigration status, and sexual identity, paying special attention to unconscious bias.
  • Racism, Discrimination; Culture, Gender and Power; Changing Structures that Reproduce Bias and Harm Health
    • In this module we dive deeper into racism and discrimination, as well as culture, gender and power, and we examine how we can achieve health equity by changing the structures that reproduce bias and harm health.