Smart Cities – Management of Smart Urban Infrastructures

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  • Introduction to Smart Urban Infrastructures and Smart Cities
    • ‘Smart City’ is a notion that is widely, and sometimes not appropriately, used by urbanists across the globe. This week will help you to get a more clear understanding of this notion by using a rigorous conceptual framework, which is based on the systems theory. In this week, we will explain the concept of Smart Cities by reviewing different conceptual approaches to Smart Cities and discussing the pros and cons of each approach.
  • Smart Urban Energy Systems
    • Smart Energy Systems are one of the top priorities on the agenda of local governments, nation states and technology suppliers. In this week, we deep dive into the energy sector to explore some of the most important managerial considerations in the transition phase and operation of Smart Urban Energy Systems.
  • Smart Urban Transportation Systems
    • Many Smart Transportation Technologies are already tested on the roads and in cities across the globe. Driverless vehicles as well as car and ride sharing solutions are not anymore futuristic visions for urban transportation systems; but realities that pose significant opportunities and threads for legacy urban transportation systems. In this week, we deep dive into the urban transportation sector and discuss some of the most important managerial considerations to facilitate the transition phase, and operation of Smart Urban Transportation Systems, thanks to availability of data.
  • Towards Smart Cities: part 1
    • The transition of legacy cities to Smart Cities is not a spontaneous process. To get the transition process right, and to the benefit of citizens, cities have to adopt effective management and governance approaches to successfully deal with numerous complexities of this process. This week will help you to understand the most important factors in the transition phase of legacy cities to Smart cities and their managerial implications.
  • Towards Smart Cities: part 2
    • Management of Smart Cities calls for different approaches from conventional urban management approaches. In this week, we focus on the role of city government in the network of actors who play an important role in management of Smart Cities.