Skills for Nursing Informatics Leaders

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  • The Who, What, When, Where, and Why of Nursing Informatics Leadership
    • In this module we explore the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of nursing informatics leadership roles and opportunities to help you understand how you may develop your skills, networks, and connections as you embark upon your leadership journey.
  • Leadership Essentials
    • In this module we introduce the three leadership essentials that underlie our Nursing Informatics Leadership specialization. We’ll build on these concepts that will enable you to gain perspective on your own leadership skills and how best to use them in various nursing informatics scenarios.
  • Introducing the Competing Values Framework
    • In this module the third Leadership Essential, managing competing values is introduced. We will begin our exploration of the Competing Values Framework that will help us share a common language and understanding about these leadership concepts throughout the specialization.
  • Introducing the Minnesota Nursing Informatics Leadership Inventory
    • In this module, we introduce the Minnesota Nursing Informatics Leadership Inventory (MNILI). To help nursing informatics leaders understand and develop the variety of leadership skills needed for leadership success, Dr. Pesut and I collaborated on the creation of the MNILI based on the competing values framework. The MNILI examines preferred leadership cultures and behaviors of nursing informatics leaders relative to four different nursing informatics scenarios. You will learn about the (MNLI) and then complete the tool in order to gain self-knowledge of your nursing informatics leadership skills and how you would tailor them in the four scenarios. Results from your inventory are likely to influence your thinking about the requisite variety you need to develop to be more successful in your nursing informatics leadership roles.
  • Nursing Informatics Leadership in Action: Opportunities to Serve
    • Now it’s time to envision nursing informatics leadership in action, starting with identifying opportunities to serve and grow as an informatics leader. We will focus on professional organizations as our starting point. I belong to and serve in nursing informatics leadership roles in many nursing and interprofessional organizations; and I concur with the wisdom of nursing informatics leaders that becoming involved is a great way to grow your leadership skills.