Sketch is an application which has already won the hearts of UI and UX designers around the world, even though just about anybody can learn how to use it. Among all the advantages, too numerous to list here, Sketch has a big disadvantage – it is only available for macOS. If you are one of the lucky owners of a Mac, though – it would be a waste not to make use of the potential of Sketch. Let me assure you that designing interfaces has never been so fast, and most of all – pleasant!

Course highlights:

  • Practical, A-Z project of App design
  • Tips & Tricks, make most of Sketch Tools
  • Vector Tools and Symbols
  • Colors, Icons, and Typography
  • BONUS! Creating a working, interactive Prototype

The course has been designed to show you full functionality of Sketch, to teach you how to best make use of its potential. Some of the topics are best presented over the course of a few, theoretical lessons, for example exporting graphics. Others, such as preparation of resources for a new project are better explained in practice. That is why I decided to divide the course into two parts. The first one is a greatly compressed compendium of hundreds of important techniques, key shortcuts, tips and tricks. Because of how vast the knowledge condensed in the video is, it was recorded with fast narration, so if you need to… don’t hesitate to stop the video and go back to any of the lessons, even the basic ones. The other half of the course is entirely practical. We focus on the use of learned techniques to design a few screens of an intelligent home app. Studying both parts of the course will teach you all the necessary theoretical concepts and equip you with practical skills needed in your everyday work on projects.

The second half of the course is focused on designing a complete project in Mobile First scheme. It will serve as a testing ground for particular combinations of techniques you must learn and use in the real projects. First, we configure the Grid and Artboard settings, then we move on to designing the icons and Symbols, and finally we create final application boards. Testing all the functions of Sketch you have learned about in theory, will showcase their practical usage and teach you good designing habits.