Sisterhood Works: How to Build a More Meaningful Network

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Learn how to enhance your communication skills and ask smarter questions

This practical three-week networking course is designed to offer you the skills needed to enhance communication, improve the ability to listen and ask smarter questions that lead to more meaningful interactions.

You’ll explore case studies with inspirational business leaders who will provide insightful analysis of their personal and professional networks, helping you explore how they started and grew their career using their connections.

Develop an understanding of the neuroscience of networking

To begin start with, you’ll uncover the myths about networking, will and develop an understanding of the neuroscience behind it to of networking, and will identify your any lingering fears around building new relationships.

You’ll then explore your own network and network of resources, and will identify to being identifying potential mentors and sponsors within it. You’ll also assess the diversity of your network and will learn how to create more diverse connections.

Create your own elevator pitch to serve as your introduction at online and in-person networking events

You’ll then Next up, it’s time to devise your own elevator pitch to serve as your introduction at online and in-person networking events, and You are also invited to evaluate your own power to introduce other women to each other to ultimately help to create a bigger, richer network for you.

Ultimately, The aim of the course is to help you to grow into your own potential by creating a network that truly works for you. It’s time to debunk those networking myths and create a community and support system to help you achieve your goals.

This course is primarily designed for businesswomen of all ages and at all stages of their career who are at a juncture in their lives and would like to take the time to reflect.

Whether you’re looking to pivot in a new direction or push forward to achieve your goals, this course is designed to help you build and grow meaningful connections within your network.