Simulation Skills: This is Your Brain on the Future

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  • Introduction to Mental Simulation
    • Welcome to your future! This week, you'll learn the basics of mental simulation. How does the brain try to imagine the future, and what makes it so difficult? You'll practice three techniques for "unsticking" your mind, so you can think more creatively and spot opportunities for innovation faster. Get ready to get to know your brain better!
  • First-Person Futures
    • Who will YOU be in the future? It turns out that the most important part of futures thinking is to get to know your future self. What will YOU feel in the future? What will YOU do in the future? Simulating the next decade from YOUR unique point of view is the basis for improved creativity, strategy, and motivation. Let's go spend some time with your future self!
  • Alternative Futures
    • The best simulations of the future play with multiple possibilities. This week, you'll learn a powerful method for simulating four different versions of the future at the same time. You'll even experiment with simulating 100 different versions of the same future! Let's go stretch and flex your imagination.
  • Advanced Simulation Topics
    • You've learned all about mental simulation techniques. But what other kinds of simulation are coming next? This week, you'll explore some innovations in virtual reality, haptics (touch simulation), storytelling and immersive experience design. This is your close-up look at some advanced simulation topics!