Signal Processing for mm Wave communication for 5G and beyond

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Week 1:Wireless Channel–A ray tracing model-Part-I (With an outline on modern modem structure) Week 2:Wireless Channel–A ray tracing model-Part-II
Week 3:Understanding of various channel related parameter statistics. Narrow band and broadband aspect
Week 4:mmWave channel model Week 5:Understanding angle of arrival (AoA) and angle of departure (AoD) concept, understanding channel gain Week 6:Introduction of single antenna beamforming in mmWave, an antenna array processing concept. Week 7:Details of beamforming in mmWave: Concept of antenna many fold vector, beam parameters, efficiency of beams pattern Week 8:Hybrid beamforming concept. Beamforming in MIMO system Part-I (Precoder, phase shifter, equalizer concepts)
Week 9:Hybrid beamforming concept. Beamforming in MIMO system Part-II (Optimization of design parameters)
Week 10:MIMO-OFDM with mmWave beamforming
Week 11:Parameter estimation in mmWave system (Mainly LMMSE based)
Week 12:Introduction of impairments and a basic analysis in mmWave system