Short Fiction in Indian Literature

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This course involves the study and analysis of fiction in English from different regions of India. The course will draw upon both short and long fiction. Students will be required to develop an understanding of both 19th century as well as contemporary Indian fiction. The objective of the course is to use literature as a point of entry into the nature of Indian identity and the Indian way of life.
INTENDED AUDIENCE: Any Interested LearnersPREREQUISITES: NILINDUSTRY SUPPORT: British Council ,American and other Embassies in India



Week 1: Sivasankaran Pillai “In the Flood”
Week 2: Kamala Das “Summer Vacation”
Week 3: Rabindranath Tagore “Cabulliwallah”
Week 4: Khushwant Singh “Karma”
Week 5: Sundara Ramaswamy “Reflowering”
Week 6: Premchand “The Chess Players”
Week 7: Premchand “The Shroud”
Week 8: Ambai, “A Kitchen in the Corner of the House”
Week 9: Mulk Raj Anand “The Price of Bananas”
Week 10:Ruskin Bond “The Blue Umbrella”
Week 11: R.K. Narayan “A Horse and Two Goats”
Week 12: Anita Desai “Games at Twilight”