Sensors and Actuators

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This course is designed with an aim of educating students in microtechnology and its use to fabricate sensors and systems. The students will have an exposure to sensors and its importance in the real world. The students will also able to understand how to fabricate some of those sensors. Students will have an exposure towards how to fabricate the sensors and its application in real world. The students will provide an understanding on modern day microsensors and micro actuators. The students will have an idea about how to simulate some of those sensors and characterise before fabricating it. Below are some of the course objectives. The first objective of this course is to understand basics of sensors, actuators and their operating principle. The second objective is to educate the students on different types of microfabrication techniques for designing and developing sensors (Several applications from Electronics to Biomedical will be covered). The third objective is to explain working of various types of electrochemical sensors and actuators. Fourth objective is to provide information about interfacing of sensors and signal conditioning circuits to establish any control system or monitoring system. Fifth objective is to provide knowledge about simulation and characterization of different sensors. The final objective is to provide an understanding on characteristic parameters to evaluate sensor performance. INTENDED AUDIENCE: Engineering Students, Faculty from Engineering Colleges PREREQUISITES: Basic Electronics INDUSTRY SUPPORT: None