Security Awareness Training

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  • Importance of Security
    • This module will introduce you to security awareness basics. We will discuss the importance of and review the components of security. We will conclude the module by examining hackers and what they target.
  • Data and Account Security
    • The security of data must always be your top priority. In this module, we will discuss how to safeguard and protect data that is collected by organizations. We will also examine the different threats to data and the roles and responsibilities of people managing the data.
  • Passwords
    • In order to protect the data and ensure organizations are secure, we must employ good password practices. In this module, we will learn the importance of having a long and complex password. There are examples of various passwords and the time it takes to break them. We also provide tips on creating strong and secure passwords, selecting appropriate security questions, and why you should use multi-factor authentication.
  • Networking and Mobile Security
    • The growth of the Internet has led to the development of new security issues. In this module, we will explore the different vulnerabilities and learn how to properly secure our network and mobile devices.
  • Malware
    • In this module, we will examine the different types of malware and identity the main platforms used by attackers. We will analyze the different symptoms of malware infections and provide best practices on avoiding the attacks.
  • Social Engineering
    • One of the most frequently used methods for attacking organizations is through social engineering. This module will define social engineering, identify common attacks, and provide strategies for overcoming it.
  • Course Assessment