Secure Computation: Part I

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Week 1: Secure Computation: motivation and real-world examples, various dimensions, recalling relevant topics from abstract algebra (groups, rings, fields) and cryptography Week 2: Secret sharing (motivation, definition and applications), Shamir secret-sharing, additive secret-sharing, replicated secret-sharing Week 3: Linear secret-sharing, monotone span programs (MSP), secure message transmission (SMT) Week 4: BenOr-Goldwasser-Wigderson (BGW) protocol: security proof and detailed analysis Week 5: Degree-Reduction problem and various solutions, efficient protocols for evaluating multiplication gates Week 6: Oblivious transfer (OT), OT protocols, OT extension Week 7: Goldreich-Micali-Wigderson (GMW) protocol: security proof and detailed analysis Week 8: Yao’s protocol for secure 2-party computation, various optimizations of Yao’s protocol Week 9: MPC for small number of parties, various optimizations Week 10: Mixed world MPC protocols Week 11: MPC protocols against general adversaries Week 12: Fail-stop corruptions: MPC and consensus protocols, asynchronous protocols