Search Advertising

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  • Search Basics
    • We’ll start high level with an overview of the attributes that make search such a valuable tool for marketers. You’ll learn about the terms and basic systems of how Google and paid search customers use search to get their message in front of users. You’ll understand the key components of how an advertiser can move his advertisement up the search rankings.
  • Google's Take on Auction Ads
    • This week you’ll start your preparation for the Google Ads Search Certification with the first five Google study guides. You’ll build off your understanding of the value of search with an introduction to some of Google’s complementary products. Within search, you’ll learn how Google represents the components of their auction and how ads are ranked. You’ll get exposure to Google’s advice on building text ads and dive into ad extensions and how they can make your ads more dynamic.
  • Google's Take on Bidding, Audiences, and Tools
    • This week you’ll complete the Google Ads Search study guides in preparation for your certification. You’ll learn about the many data-driven tools that Google has developed to make search campaign management more accessible for small businesses. These include automated bidding systems, campaign optimization scores and recommendations, and the performance planner. You’ll also learn how to use audiences to take advantage of what Google knows about its users to help advertisers target a specific group. At the end of this module, you will be required to pass the certification exam.
  • Google Ads Campaigns
    • Now that you’re armed with your Google certification and have a mastery of the key concepts in search, you’ll put that understanding into action by creating a campaign with keywords, ads, and ad groups. This module covers the critical concepts needed to prepare for building your campaign including developing economic goals for the campaign. Then you’ll learn the best practices for making decisions around campaign settings and structure. You’ll also learn some practical optimization techniques to keep your campaign performing well.
  • Capstone Project: Practical Campaign Optimization
    • This week we put it all together in an actual search campaign. You’ll put into practice all the concepts you’ve learned and get familiar with the Google Ads environment through a guided final assignment. This assignment encourages you to take everything you’ve learned about Google Search and use it to develop an effective Google Search strategy.