Scrum Master Certification: Scrum Methodologies

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  • Course Introduction
    • In the following video, we will introduce the course and discuss what we will be exploring.
  • User Stories
    • In this module, we'll discuss User Stories: what they are, how they are used and created, and how to estimate story points, as well as methods of doing so.
  • Velocity Tracking, Backlog Refinement, and Backlog Prioritization
    • In this module, we'll explore velocity and how it is tracked, as well as take a look at Backlog Refinement and Backlog Prioritization.
  • Scrum Reporting, Team Swarming, and Risk Management
    • In this module, we will discuss the different charts used in Scrum reporting, how team swarming helps during the sprint, and evaluating the environment to manage risks.