Scrum Master Certification Practice

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  • User Stories, Product Backlog, and Kanban Board
    • In this module, we are going to review the backlog, build a backlog, and plan the agenda for a 2 week sprint. We will also plan the first Sprint and add acceptance criteria to the User Stories in the Sprint Plan. Lastly, we will build and configure the Kanban Board.
  • Validate a Quality Plan and Plan Sprint Execution
    • In this module, we are going to look at executing a test driven development plan, planning an agenda for the daily stand up, and creating a plan to deliver a working solution. We will also explore developing and improving a solution increment, and Scrum Master behavior.
  • Backlog Refinement, Packaging, Deployment, and Release
    • In this module, we are going to create an agenda for the Backlog Refinement Meeting and then create a plan for packaging and deployment.
  • End of Sprint Meetings and Readiness for the Next Sprint
    • In this module, we'll review criteria for the Definition of Done and plan agendas for the Sprint Review Meeting and Sprint Retrospective. We will also explore creating a Readiness plan for the next Sprint.