Scratch to Python: Moving from Block- to Text-based Programming

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Discover how you can transition learners from block to text-based programming

Block-based programming languages like Scratch make it simple to learn and teach programming. But once your students have mastered it, it’s time to move on to a text-based programming language such as Python. This online course will show you how.

You’ll discover how to transfer the programming and thinking skills learnt while using Scratch to Python. You’ll look at how to help your learners develop basic text-based programming skills, understand error messages and debug code.

The course will show you the power of text-based programming and give you the tools to support your students’ transition.

This course is designed for teachers and volunteers who are supporting young learners (usually 7-14 year olds) transition from Scratch to Python programming. You should have experience programming in both Scratch and Python. If you need to learn to use Python, you can use our Programming 101: An Introduction to Python for Educators course.

Scratch and Python