Science of Clothing Comfort

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Clothing comfort is one of the most important attributes of textile materials. A basic understanding of comfort aspects of textile materials would be extremely useful for fibre, yarn and fabric manufacturer, researcher, garment designer, processing industries, garment houses, users of the fabrics for speciality applications and all others related with textile and garment industries. The multidisciplinary nature of the subject, encompassing various concepts of physics, neurosciences, psychological science, material sciences, ergonomics, instrumentation and textile engineering would stimulate the minds for innovation, product design and development and material characterization with scientific approaches.
INTENDED AUDIENCE : UG and PG Students of Textile, Clothing and fashion technology, Material science etc.PREREQUISITES : Basic courses on Textiles



Week 1 : Introduction to Clothing ComfortWeek 2 : Psychology and ComfortWeek 3 : Neurophysiological Processes in Clothing ComfortWeek 4-5 : Tactile Aspects of Clothing ComfortWeek 6-7 : Thermal TransmissionWeek 8-10: Moisture TransmissionWeek 11 : Dynamic Heat and Mass TransmissionWeek 12 : Garment Fit and Comfort