Science and Technology of Weft and Warp Knitting

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This isadefinitive coursefor everyone from beginners to experienced knitters to knowthe fundamental principlesof knitting.This course covers all aspects of weft and warp knittingincluding their science, engineering, technology and design. The contents of the lectures have been systematically arranged to start from the basic of simple knit design and related theories, and then progressing towards research and engineering of advanced knitted structures and their technologies. Internationally accepted methods of fabric notation are presented to clarify explanations of weft/warp structures, and their knitting actions on the machine. Both theory and practical components have been included to help participants gaining hand on experience in knit designs, and machines. Many weft and warp knit construction are carefully selected, designed and demonstrated during lectures for more clarity on the structure and their influence on the fabric properties.Several lab videos/animations/photographs are included to familiarize with the working principle of weft and warp knitting technologies. A number of worked calculations have been included in certain topics to further clarify explanations and assist participants. Many application areas of knitting have been researched that could encourage participants to further explore the potential of knitting in other technical fields.
INTENDED AUDIENCE: Students, Lecturer, Researchers, Designer, Industry ExpertsPREREQUISITES: NilINDUSTRY SUPPORT:
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Week 1: Introduction to Knitting
Week 2: Single Bed Weft Knitting Technology (Flat & Circular)Week 3: Double Bed Weft Knitting Technology (Flat & Circular)Week 4: Weft Knit Constructions and their Notation Week 5: Weft Knit - Fabric Design and Structure-property AnalysisWeek 6: Knitting CalculationWeek 7: Advanced Weft Knit Designs and TechnologyWeek 8: Introduction to Warp KnittingWeek 9: Warp Knit Constructions - Lapping Diagram and PlanWeek 10: Swinging and Shogging Motion Control in Warp KnittingWeek 11:Warp Knit Fabrics - Design and Structure-property AnalysisWeek 12: Technical Applications of Weft and Warp Knit Structures