Science and Technology of Weft and Warp Knitting

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Week 1: Introduction to Knitting
Week 2: Single Bed Weft Knitting Technology (Flat & Circular)Week 3: Double Bed Weft Knitting Technology (Flat & Circular)Week 4: Weft Knit Constructions and their Notation Week 5: Weft Knit - Fabric Design and Structure-property AnalysisWeek 6: Knitting CalculationWeek 7: Advanced Weft Knit Designs and TechnologyWeek 8: Introduction to Warp KnittingWeek 9: Warp Knit Constructions - Lapping Diagram and PlanWeek 10: Swinging and Shogging Motion Control in Warp KnittingWeek 11:Warp Knit Fabrics - Design and Structure-property AnalysisWeek 12: Technical Applications of Weft and Warp Knit Structures