Scaling Product and Processes

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  • Product Market Fit
    • Product market fit is everything that happens before you start to scale. It is impossible to make progress without a thorough understanding of what it is and how you know that you have it - this module will help you gain an understanding of what this actually is and how to begin to formulate product market fit.
  • Growth
    • In this module, we´ll look at growth from a scaleup perspective. While growth is usually described as an outcome rather than as a process, looking at growth as a process (and studying what has worked in the past) can offer important insights on what might work in the future.
  • Sales & Marketing
    • The relationship between sales and marketing changes as you move from startup to scaleup. In this module, you´ll learn about how to adjust your pricing strategy as you scale and how to position the (new and shifting) roles of sales and marketing teams to continue to identify and meet the needs of a growing customer base.
  • Scaling Up Operations
    • In this module, you´ll learn about how to optimize what your scaleup is doing right in order to continue growing - without toppling over!