SAS® Programming for Distributed Computing in SAS® Viya®

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  • Specialization Overview
    • In this module you learn about the courses included in this specialization.
  • Course Overview and Logistics
    • In this lesson you discover what you will learn in this course and access the files you will use to practice.
  • Introduction to SAS Viya
    • In this module you learn about SAS Viya and the available servers, and use SAS Studio to submit code.
  • Loading Data into SAS Cloud Analytic Services (CAS)
    • In this module you learn how to load files into memory in CAS and examine the attributes of in-memory tables. You learn how to reference in-memory tables in your programs and how to save those tables efficiently back to disk.
  • Modifying Base SAS Programs to Run in SAS Cloud Analytic Services (CAS)
    • In this module you modify DATA step code to run in CAS, convert PROC SQL code to PROC FEDSQL to run in CAS, and understand the unique column data types available in CAS tables.
  • Using CAS-Enabled Procedures and CAS Actions
    • In this module you explore SAS procedures that execute in CAS and learn about the CAS Language (CASL) and CAS actions.