Sanskrit Grammar

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Why this Course?The emergence of new topics like computational linguistics reiterates the relevance of learning Sanskrit Grammar. Sanskrit Grammar is considered as a foundation for any General Course in Sanskrit learning.
Genre of this MOOCAll Universities in India offering Bachelor Programmes in Sanskrit have a course in Sanskrit Grammar. The proposed MOOC attempts to simplify the Grammar with specific focus on Samja and Samasa, which are considered as the corner stone of Paniniyam Grammar. This understanding is essential for furthering the Sanskrit Learning in other areas of Sanskrit like language, literature, ayurveda and other applied fields. Hence, the course has a wider scope in terms of academic relevance in the current academic framework suggested under CBCS of UGC also from a socially relevant learning perspective.
Approach of this CourseThis course takes multi-method approach to grammar learning by providing a range of examples presented in different ways to meet different learning styles of students.