Sales Management

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  • Lecture 1. Place of sales management in marketing
    • The topic examines the place of sales management in the marketing mix and communication mix;
      factors determining the leading role of sales in the complex of marketing; buying and selling processes;
      sales staff functions.
  • Lecture 2. Sales strategy
    • The topic examines the relationship of marketing strategies and sales strategies; types of sales strategies are determined: Account Targeting Strategy, Relationship Strategy, Sales Channel Strategy, Selling Strategy.
  • Lecture 3. Salesforce size, budgeting and compensations
    • The topic of the lesson is the determination of the size of the sales department and the choice of the staff salary system. The topic also addresses issues of economic analysis and budgeting of sales.
  • Lecture 4. Organizational structures
    • The topic deals with the principles of formation of organizational structures of sales management,
      discusses the types of organizational structures and their applicability in various situations.
  • Lecture 5. Sales techniques
    • The topic examines the job descriptions of sellers, the sales process and various sales techniques.
  • Lecture 6. Motivation and performance evaluation
    • The topic examines various theories of salespeople motivation and methods of salespeople performance evaluation.
  • Lecture 7. Recruitment, training and leadership
    • The topic deals with the recruitment, selection, training of sellers, as well as leadership-based models of
      seller management.
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