Sales Enablement

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  • Adopting a Sales Enablement Mentality
    • In the first week, you will be introduced to the importance of sales enablement. You'll learn how to create motivating revenue goals for your sales and marketing teams and a lead qualification network that can help your teams reach those goals. At the end of the week you will complete the first exercise that will be part of your final course project.
  • Managing for Sales Enablement
    • This week you will learn how to create and use a Service-Level-Agreement (SLA) for your sales and marketing teams. You'll also learn how to plan and run effective and smooth smarketing (sales and marketing) team meetings and why these are so important for sales enablement. Throughout the week you will complete two more exercises to add to your final project.
  • Making the Connection with Your Buyer
    • This week we are digging into who your buyer is and how to connect with them. You'll learn how to develop a buyer persona to know whom you should be targeting. You'll gain more understanding of your buyer through the jobs-to-be-done framework. You'll also learn how to write a hero statement to connect all the information about your buyer. You'll complete two more exercises for your final project.
  • Using Content as a Sales Tool
    • In Week 4 you'll learn all about content and how it can impact your sales strategy. You'll learn how to use content as a sales tool, how to develop a content strategy for your team, and how to organize and motivate your team to create effective content. You'll also gain valuable skills to become a better business writer. You'll practice these new skills in two more exercises that will be part of the final project you will turn in next week.
  • Continuing Enablement after the Sale
    • In the final week you will learn strategies to enable your customers and ensure their success. You'll discover the importance of using technology to streamline your customer enablement and create a strategy on how to effectively use the technology. You will also have the opportunity to take the HubSpot Sales Enablement Certification exam. The week will conclude with your final project, the culmination of all the work you have been doing throughout the course.