Safety in the Utility Industry

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  • The Basics
    • In the first module, we will be talking about safety and its history, and we’ll see how we can play a role in enhancing it. Let’s face it, at the end of the day, we all want to live and work in environments in which we feel safe. An ideal workplace is an environment in which you feel safe and you are able to maximize your productivity.
  • Hazards & Response
    • General procedures have been written to cover a wide array of workplace situations, yet every possible workplace situation has not been addressed. Therefore, it is imperative employees are conscientious about recognizing possible hazards, evaluating them, and controlling them.

      In this module we’ll review electrical and non electrical hazards you may encounter and how you want to handle them.
  • Preparing for Hazards in the Workplace
    • In this module we’ll start by learning how to recognize potential hazards in the workplace, then we’ll determine what equipment is necessary to stay safe and comply with the laws & regulations.
  • Safety Administration & Management