Russian Language А1+: From Elementary to Basic 1

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  • Модуль 1. День за днём
    • In our first lesson we are going to review basic vocabulary and grammar in order to warm up before the next lessons, as well as revise IC-5 and its characteristics. This week's grammar section includes constructions with the verbs учить, учиться, изучать, начинать(ся) — начать(ся), продолжать(ся) — продолжить(ся), заканчивать(ся) — закончить(ся), adverbs уже/ещё.
  • Модуль 2. Как я работаю
    • This week we are going to learn new vocabulary to describe your daily routine, as well as names of professions. In the grammar section we are going to cover the verbs слушать — слышать, видеть — смотреть, as well as the differences in their use. We will learn how to form the Future tense of Imperfective and Perfective verbs and make sentences with simultaneous, consecutive and partially coinciding actions.
  • Модуль 3. Как я отдыхаю
    • This week's vocabulary section is all about verbs — verbs of motion with prefixes, conjugation of the particularly difficult verbs, the difference between the verb aspects in the Past tense. In the vocabulary section we are going to learn useful verbs and phrases that will definitely come in handy when you go to a cafe or restaurant in Russia.
  • Модуль 4. Расскажите о путешествии!
    • This week you are going to prepare the final peer-review assignment. You have a chance to practice all the vocabulary and grammar you have learnt when preparing a presentation about a trip and share your story with your coursemates.