RPA Lifecycle: Introduction, Discovery and Design

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  • Understanding Robotic Process Automation
    • In this module, you will recall the basics of automation, distinguish RPA from traditional automation, discover the Digital Workforce platform and understand Automation Anywhere's RPA architecture and lifecycle.
  • Identifying Automation Processes
    • In this module, you will Identify, sort, and brainstorm on eligible RPA candidates by analyzing business priorities. You will then, determine automation feasibility by examining the eligible processes and their logic and identifying roadblocks - using the Feasibility Matrix. Further, you will perform complexity assessment on the feasible processes using the Complexity Calculator to define input and output metrics.
  • Determining and Designing Automation Process
    • In this module, you will determine the savings and cost of the automation opportunity using the ROI Calculator and then design the automation process using the Process Design Template and other documents.