Routing in “Spartacus”

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Project “Spartacus” is a lean, Angular-based JavaScript storefront for SAP Commerce Cloud. It helps build single page application (SPA) and progressive web app (PWA) storefronts.

SPAs and PWAs deliver an exceptional user experience because they behave like native apps. Although SPAs and PWAs provide a lot of benefits, they are not SEO-friendly by default. To address this, Spartacus includes several SEO features, one of which is configurable routing.

The goal of this course is to introduce you to the routing capabilities of Spartacus. However, the course is also targeted at people who are new to Spartacus, so you’ll learn how to set up a Spartacus storefront from scratch and then how to extend it. You’ll also learn about the basic SEO guidelines for routing.



Unit 1: Introduction to Routing

Unit 2: Installation

Unit 3: Enabling Context in the Storefront URL

Unit 4: Adding Content Pages

Unit 5: Customizing Routes

Unit 6: Using Router Links

Unit 7: Hands-On Exercises

Unit 8: Sample Solution for the Exercises