Root Canal Preparation

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Rotary endodontic instruments has revolutionised the methods and techniques used to prepare root canals. The past 2 decades has seen multiple advancements in the field of rotary instrumentation and thus a continuous effort to keep “up-to-date” is vital. This course will introduce participants to the foundational concepts of rotary instrumentation and magnification, and describes more recent file systems and techniques available to efficiently and successfully prepare root canals. The course is aimed at students and dental professionals who are fairly new to rotary endodontics or who wish to revisit fundamental concepts or learn about improvements in instrumentation.

The course is structured as 5 modules. We begin with an introduction to rotary endodontics juxtaposing hand and rotary instrument preparations. We then address the importance of using magnification devices and learn about important optic principles that aid the selection of a device in endodontic practice. Module 3 explores the metallurgy and modification of Nickel titanium wire, describing the design and features of several file systems, while modules 4 and 5 are aimed at presenting a more practical understanding of endodontic glide path management and canal preparation protocols of the different file systems.

This course is self-paced and offers an enjoyable approach to learning. If you are up to a little challenge while gaining essential information in rotary instrumentation – then this course is for you!