Role of Craft and Technology in Interior – Architecture

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This course is very crucial as it focuses on a trans-disciplinary research, emphasizing on the role of Craft & Technology in the discipline of Interior-Architecture. In the current decade which focuses on trans-disciplinarity and innovation, a course like this shall be very useful for a wide audience hailing from different disciplines such as art; craft; architecture; design; and, creative industries. Moreover, such a course is very much in line with the MHRD initiatives like SANDHI and Design Hub, where the focus is on amalgamation of Art, Science and Technology. It has multifold objectives: a) To understand the definition and scope of Interior-Architecture and Craft & Technology. b) To document and disseminate the role of Craft & Technology in Interior-Architecture through state-of-the-art literature; best studies and case studies. c) To create awareness and exposure for skill based knowledge systems. d) To establish link between tradition and continuity. e) To develop new paradigms of pedagogy and practice in the field of Interior-Architecture and Craft & Technology

Designers; Architects; Artists; Craft Persons; Entrepreneurs working in the core and peripheral subjects
INDUSTRY SUPPORT :All the relevant Industries related to Interior- Architecture; Design; Art; Craft and the Creative Industries (Specific Examples Asian Paints; District Industries Centres; Alaya Design Studio)



Week 1: Interior- Architecture: Definition and Understanding, Craft: Definition and Understanding (Varied Perspectives on Art and Craft), Interior- Architecture and Craft & Technology: Establishing Inter- Relationships and Exploring Applications. DiscourseWeek 2: Interior- Architecture: Documenting Knowledge and Skills, Traditional Knowledge Systems and the Ingenious skills of the communities, Interior-Architecture: Documenting Materials; Tools and Techniques, Traditional Knowledge Systems and the Indigenous materials; tools and techniques, DiscourseWeek 3: Creative and Cultural Industries:Understanding Definition; Significance and Scope, Building Crafts: Definitions; perspectives and frameworks, Building Crafts: Craft and Technology and its Role in creating/enhancing Interior- Architecture, DiscourseWeek 4: Best Studies related to the Craft Sector, Case Studies From Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Miscellaneous Case StudiesWeek 5: Craft and Technology in Interior Architecture: Decoding Systems and Transformation through Time, DiscourseWeek 6: Overview of the Craft Sector Today, Issues and Challenges, Policies and Reforms, Gaps, Summary & DiscourseWeek 7: Continuity and Revival: Research and Documentation Perspective, Education and Training Perspective, Innovation and Development Perspective, Resource Building and Dissemination Perspective, Summary & DiscourseWeek 8: Interventions - Process Based; Product/Design Based; Technology Based; Marketing/Management Based; and, Spatial, Summary & Discourse