Role of Craft and Technology in Interior – Architecture

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Week 1: Interior- Architecture: Definition and Understanding, Craft: Definition and Understanding (Varied Perspectives on Art and Craft),Interior- Architecture and Craft & Technology: Establishing Inter- Relationships and Exploring Applications. DiscourseWeek 2: Interior- Architecture: Documenting Knowledge and Skills, Traditional Knowledge Systems and the Ingenious skills of the communities,Interior-Architecture: Documenting Materials; Tools and Techniques, Traditional Knowledge Systems and the Indigenous materials; tools andtechniques, DiscourseWeek 3: Creative and Cultural Industries:Understanding Definition; Significance and Scope, Building Crafts: Definitions; perspectives and frameworks,Building Crafts: Craft and Technology and its Role in creating/enhancing Interior- Architecture, DiscourseWeek 4: Best Studies related to the Craft Sector, Case Studies From Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Miscellaneous Case StudiesWeek 5: Craft and Technology in Interior Architecture: Decoding Systems and Transformation through Time,DiscourseWeek 6: Overview of the Craft Sector Today, Issues and Challenges, Policies and Reforms, Gaps, Summary & DiscourseWeek 7: Continuity and Revival: Research and Documentation Perspective, Education and Training Perspective, Innovation andDevelopment Perspective, Resource Building and Dissemination Perspective, Summary & DiscourseWeek 8: Interventions - Process Based; Product/Design Based; Technology Based; Marketing/Management Based; and, Spatial,Summary & Discourse