Rock Mechanics and Tunneling

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Week-1:Introduction: objective, scope, and associated problems; Discontinuities in rock; Classification of the rock based on origin.
Week-2:Methods for rock exploration: rock coring, geophysical methods. Week-3:Physico-mechanical properties of rock.
Week-4:Laboratory testing on rock sample and in-situ testing of rock mass. Week-5:Rock mass classification systems. Week-6:Rock and rock mass failure criteria.
Week-7:Rock and rock mass failure criteria.
Week-8:Applications of rock mechanics: slopes, underground excavations. Week-9:Applications of rock mechanics: foundations, rock support systems.
Week-10:Basic features of tunneling: shapes, usages, methods of construction, problems associated with tunnels, tunneling in various subsoil conditions and rocks.
Week-11:Analysis of stresses: methods to determine stresses around openings, Kirsch equation, Greenspan’s method. Basic concepts for lined, unlined, and pressure tunnels.
Week-12:Improvement of rock mass response: rock bolts, rock anchors, steel mats, precast concrete segments, shotcrete, grouting etc.