Robotics: Capstone

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  • Week 1
    • Welcome to Robotics Capstone! This week you will choose between two tracks available to you for your capstone. Please make sure you watch the videos carefully to make the choice. In the MIP track, you will learn how to use MATLAB (your numerical tool for this capstone track) to simulate dynamical systems numerically.In the AR track, you will learn to use the rover simulator, purchase the kit and implement Dijkstra's algorithm in python.
  • Week 1: Lesson Choices
  • Week 2: Lesson Choices
    • Choice 2: Please make sure you complete the soldering and flashing before assembly.
  • Week 3: Lesson Choices
  • Week 4: Lesson Choices
  • Week 5: Lesson Choices
  • Week 6: Lesson Choices