Robotics and Control : Theory and Practice

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Robotics has stimulated an growing interest among a wide range of scholars, researchers and students due to its interdisciplinary characteristics. The development of this field of science is boosted by various domains which are not limited to Cybernetics, Controls, Computers, Mechanics, Bio-Engineering, and Electronics. Among these areas, modelling, control, planning play a fundamental role not only in the growth of industrial robotics, but also towards the advanced fields including healthcare and field robotics.Through this course the participants will acquire the ability to conduct research, develop innovative designs in the field of systems engineering and control of robots and to direct the development of engineering solutions in new or unfamiliar environments by linking creativity, innovation and transfer of technology.

INTENDED AUDIENCE : Electrical Engineering, Computer Science Department, Mechanical Engineering,
Electronics and Communication Engineering, Mathematics Department.PREREQUISITES : Basic MathematicsINDUSTRY SUPPORT :Nil