Road safety in the Caribbean region: safe infrastructure

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you know that 18% of road crashes could be related to the quality of road infrastructure?

Studies pointed that unlocking the potential of USD $1.4 trillion in targeted investment in safer roads would achieve 467 thousand lives saved a year.

Are road investments enough?

In a world were mobility patterns change fast due mainly to the urbanization in the Latin American and Caribbean countries, we should break the old concepts of car-oriented road design and move to a more inclusive roads to all users. More than road investments, road engineers and public officers should learn the new concepts of road design, how to assess the quality of road network from a safety stand-point, and to apply the right tools to build a more forgiving road.

In this course you will learn more about the importance of road safety audits and inspections (RSAs and RSIs) for a safer road infrastructure. The course will explore the RSAs’ methodologies and good practices around the world and, specially, in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Through readings, videos, hands-on activities, and examples from countries around the world in, the course will support the learners in changing road design practices.

Enjoy the second course from the Road Safety series and be prepared to apply these concepts to build a safer road in your country!

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