River Engineering

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Week 1:PHYSICAL PROPERTIES AND EQUATIONS o Dimensions and units o Properties of water and sediment o River flow kinematics o Conservation of mass o Equations of motion o Hydraulic and energy grade linesWeek 2:STEADY FLOW IN RIVERS o Steady river flow o Steady-nonuniform river flow oSediment transport in riversWeek 3:UNSTEADY FLOW IN RIVERS o River continuity equation oRiver momentum equations o River flood waves o Loop-rating curves o River flood routing o River flow and sediment-duration curvesWeek 4:RIVER EQUILIBRIUM o Particle stability o Channel stability o Regime relationships o Equilibrium in river bends o Downsteam hydraulic geometry o Bars in alluvial rivers o River meandering o Lateral river migrationWeek 5:RIVER DYNAMICS o River dynamics o Riverbed degradation o Riverbed aggradation o River confluences and branches o River databasesWeek 6:RIVER STABILIZATION AND RIVER TRAINING WORK o Riverbank stability o Riverbank riprap revetment o Riverbank protection o River flow-control structures o River training along braided rivers.Week 7:RIVER ENGINEERING o River flood control o River closure o Canal headworks o Bridge scour o Navigation waterwaysWeek 8:RIVER MODELLING o Rigid-bed model o Mobile-bed river models o Finite-difference approximations o One-dimensional river models o Multidimensional river models