Revolutionary Ideas: Borders, Elections, Constitutions, Prisons

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  • Introduction to Part II of the Course
    • An introduction to the course and to some of the fundamental problems in legal and political philosophy.
  • Political Community and Borders
    • This unit explores the issues of how our political communities are and should be defined. What is the basis of political community? Should we be allowed to change what political community we are a part of? If so, how easily?
  • Representatives, Elections, and Lotteries
    • This unit examines how our political community, once defined, should make law and policy. Who should get to have a say?
  • Constitutions
    • This unit examines the role and importance of constitutions. Should we have a constitution? Why might we want one? What should be in it?
  • Prisons and Punishment & Conclusions
    • This unit considers the role of crime and punishment within a political community. What should be illegal? What should happen if people break the law?