Research Methodology

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The present course intends to target the students who are pursuing the subject of Research Methodology as a part of their degree or post graduate degree courses in criminology, law, sociology, social work, etc. Divided over 15 weeks, the course has 35 Modules which would be disseminated to the learners through e-text and video lectures. The contents of the course have been organised in a manner that they result into a progressive learning of the subject on the part of the learners. The discussion forum and quiz component of the course will enable the students for a participatory learning experience. The course can also be taken by the learners who are practioners in different organisations as the certificate programme.



Name / Title of the Module

  1. Basics of Research
  1. Legal Research
  1. Legal Reasoning
  1. Socio-Legal Research
  1. Research Problem
  1. Research Design
  1. Hypothesis
  1. Qualitative and Doctrinal Methods in Research
  1. Quantitative Methods in Research
  1. Sampling
  1. Methods of Data Collection
  1. Tools & Techniques of Data Collection
  1. Data Analysis
  1. Jurimetrics
  1. Use of Law Library in Legal Research
  1. Report Writing
  1. Research Ethics
  1. Quantitative Research
  1. Qualitative Research
  1. Research Proposal
  1. Review of Literature
  1. Measurement
  1. Scaling
  1. Reliability & Validity
  1. Primary & Secondary Data
  1. Survey Method
  1. Content Analysis
  1. Case Study Method
  1. Projective Techniques
  1. Data Processing
  1. Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS)
  1. Drawing Conclusions
  1. Presentation of Research
  1. Citation Patterns
  1. Plagiarism