Research Ethics using Research Methodology: Creating a New Global Education Curriculum

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re-searching RE-SEARCH: using Ancient Wisdom’s Sahana Vavtu Approach

Lecture 1 for PhD students –

Ab initio: the mind interacts with matter (the world) – re-examining the beginnings…

Lecture 2:

The Sahana Vavtu Approach – (A different Application of the Mind) – Identifying the Research Problem

The mind gathers information about the world’s biggest problem

Lecture 3:

From Research Problem to Research Hypothesis – A Research Ethics Curricula can reduce social pain

The mind wonders: Why social pain despite education, prosperity?

Lecture 4, 5, 6,7:

The Mind Explores: its Research Hypothesis and a right methodology Part 1,2,3,4

Part 1:How has it done till now and created social pain?

Part 2: The mind explores 3 basic questions throughout this Course form now:

Can there be Re-search without Search? Research Ethics without Ethics? Can there be Research Methodology without a Method? The right method: Find the root of the problem before you start…

Part 3: The exploratory journey of the Mind continues…

Disclaimer: The next 2 sessions extensively use quotations of scholarly work. No opinion or judgement is offered on any institution, individual or academician. Yet research of past scholarly work will be used with an Inner Search to fulfill the objective of creating an education curriculum that prevents social pain.

Lecture 7:

Researching the ‘spirit’ of work is the core of ethics in education: Research Ethics starts here)

Lecture 8:

The Mind has explored philosophy, physics, chemistry and education in last 4 parts

What should the ‘spirit’ lead to? What is the evidence of Well Being that validates results?

Lectures 9, 10:

The Sahana Vavatu Approach –

The Mind changes its exploration in 2008: Part 1, 2

Research Hypothesis and Research Methodology of exploring 4 Human Values:

Truth, Righteous Conduct, Peace & Love - to create Well Being, not social pain…

Lectures 11, 12,13,14:

The Sahana Vavatu Approach –

Evidence of how well-being is created by ancient wisdom’s education: Part 1,2,3,4

Lectures 15, 16, 17, 18:

The Sahana Vavatu Approach – The Well Being curriculum, Part 1,2,3,4.

Part 1: Well-Being curriculum is a Gestalt of philosophy and practices that give society a sense of security

Part 2: The role of the essence, the spirit. Disclaimer: No academic work is criticized as all seek their idea of what is the essence. However, Wisdom’s idea is different…

Part 3: Transforming Neural Networks with practices, not theory.

Theory, without practices, led to social pain…

Part 4: Part 4 takes a skeptical approach to ideas of all 17 Lectures…and gives answers.

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