Research Design: Inquiry and Discovery

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  • The Process of Inquiry
    • This module will focus on the process of inquiry and how that will be used as a systematic model in seeking answers and solving problems. Next, we turn to components essential to each of the inquiry approaches.
  • Conceptualize and Operationalize Research
    • In this module, we will consider how to develop questions or hypotheses. This process begins with conceptualization or the mental process where fuzzy and imprecise concepts are made more specific and precise.
  • Background Research
    • In this module, we will look at the essential components of a literature review. The purpose is both to gain a good understanding of the main sources of information concerning a particular topic or question and to clarify our inquiry objective, hypothesis and/or research question.
  • Importance of Sampling and Ethical Issues in Research
    • This module will explore the importance of reliability and validity. We will also focus on ethical issues encountered with research.