Requirements Gathering for Secure Software Development

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  • The Software Requirement Specification Process and Cost
    • Software Requirements are a vital part of the Software Development Lifecycle. While there are many ways to go about collecting and recording requirements, the cost of bad requirements is high. Here we discuss what Software Requirements Specifications are and some challenges in writing them well.
  • Starting to Build Requirements- What does the customer want?
    • We need to figure out what the customer wants. And moreso- what they need! How do you develop a relationship with you customers and learn about the overall domain and potential solutions?
      Here you will learn about the requirements engineering process, what it entails, how to develop a relationship with your customer, and some tips to succeed early on.
  • Software Lifecycles
    • Not all requirements documents are created equally- if at all (formally). How you work with requirements partially depends on the software lifecycle used. Here we learn about the different software development lifecycles and discuss how they affect the requirements we produce.
  • Goals and Models for Elicitation
    • To increase flexibility to change in software development, the agile lifecycle was produced. The agile process much changes how we deal with requirements. We discuss these challenges and your role as a requirements analyst. We also begin to analyze the types of statements that you want to form as you elicit data to move towards clarity.