Reproducible Templates for Analysis and Dissemination

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  • Introduction to Reproducible Research and Dynamic Documentation
    • This module provides an introduction to the concepts surrounding reproducibility and the Open Science movement, RStudio and GitHub, and foundational cases and authors in the field.
  • R Markdown: Syntax, Document, and Presentation Formats
    • This module explores the R Markdown syntax to format and customize the layout of presentations or reports and will also look at inserting and creating objects such as tables, images, or video within documents.
  • R Markdown Templates: Processing and Customizing
    • This module goes further with R Markdown to help turn documents, reports, and presentations into templates for easier automation, reproducibility, and customization.
  • Leveraging Custom Templates from Leading Scientific Journals
    • This module delves into custom templates available for websites, books, and scientific publishers, such as Elsevier and the IEEE, with the chance to create your first R Package.
  • Working in Teams and Disseminating Templates and Reports
    • This module focuses on helpful tips for sharing and using the templates you create, as well as methods for organizing content. We'll also look at a few web-publishing services.