Reporting Firm Resources, Obligations and Performance

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This course begins with an explanation of the role of adjustments in accrual accounting and covers the difference between explicit and implicit transactions. We’ll look at the components of a Classified Balance Sheet and learn how to prepare a Classified Balance Sheet as well as a Multiple-step Income Statements.

This course also looks at revenue recording and revenue measurement issues and teaches how to estimate bad debts using the allowance method.

We’ll also explain the concept of the statement of cash flows and learn how to distinguish among Cash flow from Operations, Financing and Investing.

We’ll wrap up this course with a look at inventory and learn how to link inventory valuation to gross profit. We’ll also explore the four principal inventory valuation methods and assess the pros and cons of each inventory valuation method.

This course is part 2 of the New York Institute of Finance’s Financial Accounting Professional Certificate.


  • Mod 01: Accrual Accounting & Statement Format

  • Mod 02: Accounting for Sales

  • Mod 03: Cash Flow

  • Mod 04: Inventory